Do you provide service in my area?

We service on a daily basis — Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Asheville, Charleston, Greensboro, Raleigh, Wilmington, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Greenville/Spartanburg, Augusta and Savannah, Georgia, Southern Virginia and Eastern Tennessee and all areas in between. We have traveled as far as Jacksonville, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Washington DC area for large displays.  We service the Carolinas from the Mountains to the Coast but we are available to consult, design and create props for photo sessions/movie sets, sculpt monumental displays and conduct themed and interactive demonstrations or educational presentations anywhere in the United States and beyond!

How our ice sculptures are made — We begin with crystal clear, ice sculpting specific, 300# blocks of ice that we produce in our 8,000 square ft. custom ice production facility. After your consultation the sculpture is sketched, and then designed.  All of our sculptures are designed with our CNC software and are then outlined. Some spend more time on the CNC machine, some are taken to the carving station where we rough cut the ice with a chainsaw and then use small custom made power tools and chisels to create the finished sculpture. Large and complex sculptures may take as long as six to ten hours and are carved in a 20 degree walk in freezer that is larger than a three car garage. Simpler designs may take one to two hours. Every sculpture is unique and has slightly different accents.

I have an idea for a really wild outside of the box ice sculpture, can you do it?

ABSOLUTELY! We love to create custom and one of kind ice sculptures. During your consultation a series of questions will need to be answered. Some ideas need to be adjusted due to the ICE however we are open to anything and will advise you of the ice’s limitations.

**Special orders are taken for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. Photos are not on our website.

But we are happy to assist you with your party needs.

Can you freeze decorations/props, or marketing material in the ice before you carve it?

Absolutely! Our special ice carving block machine allows us to be very creative. We can freeze almost anything in ice. The lead time on this is a bit longer. We need at minimum 10 days notice to freeze in a product.

Here are just a few examples of items we have frozen in ice…  Fall leaves, Christmas decorations, calculators, tennis balls, money, photos, sporting tickets, wine or liquor bottles and yes even whole fish…they really add the WOW to a sushi display!

How long will a basic ice sculpture last?

Factors that contribute to your ice sculpture melting:

  • Design of sculpture (big and blocky, thin and delicate)
  • Location of your event… inside or outside?
  • Time of year, time of day, length of need or function

A single block flower vase may last 6 – 7 hours before starting to lose its detail.

Ice specific considerations need to be remembered when deciding where you want your Ice sculpture. They hate direct sunlight, heat and warm breezes (heat vents, ceiling fans and doorways) and they can be heavy, so a solid table/counter top is a good idea.

How big is an ice sculpture?

A single block ice sculptures dimensions are roughly 35-40 inches tall x 20-30 inches wide.  A finished, single block ice sculpture will weigh roughly 150#-225#.   Several of our popular designs are carved within these dimensions. However this is just a “basic” guide.

These sculptures require a drain tray. We have three sizes of display trays. The size of the tray needed depends on your sculpture. The tray sizes are Large (21×41 inches), Medium (21×27 inches), and Small (18X24 inches). For larger displays such as ICE Bars and Major Corporate displays we create custom display trays. These are discussed and handled on an individual basis.  The display location of the sculpture will be discussed during your consultation.

What do I need to provide for the ice sculpture?

Besides the display location and table, decorations (flowers, specialty linen, props etc) and lighting that should be all except you will need to provide a bucket or appropriate container for the drain tray. This may need to be emptied once or twice during your event. We offer battery powered LED lighting.

For an additional price we can provide breakdown service for larger displays. We quote these on an individual basis.

This will be discussed during your consultation.

How far in advance do I need to place an order for my ice sculpture?

Contact us as soon as you know you would like to have an Artisan Ice Sculpture for your event. Placing your order two to six months before your event is very common especially for weddings. We are always helpful to accommodate last minute orders, but popular wedding and holiday season dates fill up quickly. By you ordering early it helps to ensure availability for delivery. Pick up is always an option and will save you money.

How do I place an order and what is required?

Pick up the telephone and give us a call today. Please call us at 704-569-9392 or e-mail us at info@ArtisanIceSculptures.com to schedule your consultation. Please include your contact information, date and location of your event and type of ice sculpture you may be looking for. Some sculpture designs are easy to quote and some become more involved. Every Artisan Ice Sculpture is different just as every client’s event details and expectations are different. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash and bank checks. When you place your order a $100 deposit will be required and is non-refundable. The balance or full payment will be required 10 days before your event date.